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Gibson involved in trademark disputes

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Nashville-based guitar giant Gibson is involved in several ongoing trademark disputes over its iconic instrument designs.

After Satellite Amplifiers’ Adam Grimm claimed that Gibson was trying to invalidate his trademark for the Coronet, Gibson responded by a claim of its own. The model was originally launched by Epiphone in the 1950s, according to Guitar World.

“Gibson has a long history with its with its well-known classic instruments. One such instrument is the Epiphone Coronet,” the company told the publication. “The Epiphone Coronet was first introduced in the 1950s, which clearly established first use of the trademark. More recently, Gibson has been continuously manufacturing and providing the Epiphone Coronet for a limited number of Artists since 2008.”

Music Radar additionally reports that Gibson is disputing Collings Guitars' headstock trademark, which the local guitar maker says violates Gibson trademarks on the Dove Wing design, the 1939 Epiphone headstock and the 1963 Epiphone headstock. Gibson claims that a “likelihood of confusion” exists among the products.

According to Music Radar, Gibson sent a cease-and-desist letter to Kiesel Guitars earlier this year related to that company’s Ultra V and California Single models.

Gibson went through Chapter 11 restructuring in 2018 and later relocated its headquarters to Cummins Station.

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