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Netflix takes down 13 bitsquatting sites

Post Time:2019-06-20 Source:Ippro Magazine Author: Views:

Netflix has recovered 13 bitsquatting domain names following a UDRP dispute at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum.

Netflix alleged that 13 domains, including netfli8.com, nevflix.com, and oetflix.com infringe its trademark name in its entirety, only changing one or two letters.

The original registrant Robert Brooks registered the domains with the intent of selling them, according to Netflix’s complaint. Brooks had initially agreed to transfer the domains to the streaming site through Netflix’s bug bounty programme. He revoked the offer which led to Netflix’s filing.

Sole panellist Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta found all the domains to infringe Netflix’s trademark.

Pimenta also ruled that the domains were being used in bad faith from the clear evidence of bitsquatting.

Brooks’ exit of his original transfer deal with Netflix in order to obtain money from another user furthered Pimenta’s bad faith findings.

He concluded by ordering the domains be transferred to Netflix.