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Harbin encouraged SMEs to pledge IPR as collateral

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It was known from Chongqing Customs on October 24 that the administration recently destroyed more than 17,000 pieces of fake and IPR infringing commodities with a nontoxic approach.

The 17,412 items were all confiscated goods seized during an IPR law enforcement action, consisting of fake and IPR infringing motorcycle components and unauthorized trademark labels and instructions of well-known brands. Since those products were poorly made and had potential safety hazard, the Customs decided to destroy them with an innocuous method under the PRC Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Regulations after getting permission from the right holders.

According to the administration, Chongqing Customs has continuously enhanced IPR protection in these years and has strived to purify the import and export environment. With their efforts, several major cases were successfully cracked and significant achievements were attained. Particularly during the special operation on fighting against IPR infringement and counterfeiting launched last October, 15 IPR cases were solved and 35,000 pieces of commodities were seized. [Chinese version is available on chinanews.com]
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