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Apple Sentenced to $ 85 Million in Patent Case

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Apple was sentenced to Canadian patent firm WiLan to pay $ 85 million for violating wireless patents. The case was filed in San Diego, USA.

Many different connection technologies are used in smartphones. Some of these technologies are produced by other companies. From time to time, it may cause disputes over the use and patents of the technologies used.

Apple also uses various connectivity technologies for its smartphones. Some of these technologies use patents owned by Canadian patent firm WiLan. Due to the violation of these patents, two firms became courts.

Technology that ensures uninterrupted data flow

The two patents that are the subject of the case allow smartphones to be used during data download. Two companies have gone to court before, and Apple was sentenced to pay $ 145 million in fines. The court decision appealed to redefine the amount of the sentence.

In the appeal case in 2019, the court acknowledged Apple’s violation of patents, while US District Attorney Dana Sabraw accepted Apple’s objection that the method WiLan used for calculation was incorrect.

WiLan got what it wanted

When WiLan arrived at the final court, he demanded a $ 85 million payment based on iPhone sales figures. Apple, on the other hand, said that the firm from Ottawa could not provide enough evidence for the jury to decide. The court did not accept Apple’s claims.

WiLan defines itself as “one of the most successful patent licensing companies in the world”. The discussions between Apple and WiLan go back to 2010. At that time, discussions arose between the two companies due to Bluetooth technology.