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University of New Mexico research arm sues Apple for patent infringement

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A non-profit research organisation, STC.UNM, which is owned by the Regents of the University of New Mexico has filed a patent infringement complaint against Apple over three patents.

In a complaint filed on Friday, July 19 at the US District Court for the Western District of Texas, STC.UNM alleged that the majority of Apple’s products.

In its complaint, STC.UNM named all of Apple’s iPhone models, iPad models, iMac and MacBook models.

The patent in dispute (US numbers 8,249,204; 8,265,096; and 8,565,326) cover a number of methods, which STC.UNM said Apple uses without a licence and without authorisation in its products.

The inventions covered by the patents include a “method for channel state information feedback” and a “method for constructing frame structures”.

It said that through the production, sale and marketing of its products, it “actively induces” wireless telecoms network operators and consumers to infringe its patents.

Additionally, STC.UNM said that its filing “does not waive its sovereign immunity”.

The infringement suit comes as earlier this year, a jury found that Apple would not have to pay $30 million in royalties to a technology licensing company for two patents relating to long-term evolution wireless communication systems.

In April, the US District Court for the District of Delaware found Apple had not infringed Evolved Wireless’ patents (US numbers 7,809,373 and 7,881,236).